Thursday, August 11, 2016

pandai pulak bebudak ni nyanyi!

So, yesterday during class while my little kiddos doing the work that I gave know when your head humming a song and you just mouth the words out? that kind of thing happened... And I don't even know the lyrics of that song ! I just not knowingly sang :-

sayaaanggg~~aku kau lupa...aku kau....... (and then I stop as I dont know the rest of the lyrics)

Astonishingly for me, one of my students who sit at the back of the class, his head straight away look up from his work and look at me and start continuing the song from where I left off hanging..

and another student at the front table joined him

and another student gets up from his chair and walk towards me and start headbanging(he has long hair, imagined that!) and air guitaring..

And I was like.....what? is? happening?

but as usual, I just said

sudah sudah! siapkan kerja awak....

Side Note:
12.25 pagi...takleh tdoooooo!!!

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