Friday, January 16, 2015

Now and Then

Dah seminggu sesi persekolahan tahun 2015 bermula.

Dah seminggu juga aku start ngajar balik

Dah seminggu jugak voice volume on high level

Masuk je hari Jumaat, tekak sakit. Matahari pulak mencanak teriknye.

Tadi browse account IG. browse punye browse, ternampak satu gambar; nasi lemak dok bersusun kat kantin sekolah. Terus otak melayang2 time dolu-dolu..

kalo sekarang nasi lemak berapa ye? kalo tak silap time aku kecik2 dulu(dalam 1992-1997) nasi lemak sepinggan dalam 50 sen. ke kurang lagi? tak hengat plak. Yang aku ingat, mak pagi2 mesti susun duit syiling kat atas meja untuk kami adik beradik. Seringgit dua puluh sen. Enam puluh sen untuk sekolah pagi, enam puluh sen untuk sekolah petang. Air, bawak sendiri.

So, fevret aku, setiap hari mesti pekena nasi lemak. Sampai sekarang masih lagi teringat sambal nasi lemak kantin sekolah agama Jais(B.B.B). Mantap!

Tapi tu dulu.

Boleh la nak bekalkan anak2 RM1.20 . Sekarang? nasi lemak je dah RM1.00

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Found this somewhere at some forum on the net. The entry was quite dated actually. But, it was kind of fun material to read.

This reminds me of Korea.

During our visit to SK earlier this September, Seoul to be exact(Busan too if I think about it), I kind of smelt something. At first I didn't think much about it, but I keep on smelling the same smell. At different places. Especially at crowded places (subway most of the time). So I asked my friends whether they smelt it(because I thought it just me), turns out they also have.

The smell, is not bad....I think...... It just.....unique I guess?

No offense to SK people though.


Malaysian people do have the odd spicy scents...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nodame Cantabile VS Naeil's Cantabile

Whenever I read/heard the word Nodame Cantabile, I'll automatically reminisce about the old days when I was still a Uni student. I still remember the old me sitting in front of my computer inside my dorm reading the manga or anxiously waiting for the update of the manga(weekly). Or me and couple of friends hang out together watching the series. I have such fond memories about that manga and it drama series because it happened during my most enjoyable carefree period(my study years) and I am double fond of that period.

Long story short, I happened to read the manga and freaking loved it. Then the japanese series came out and I was really worried on how they going to proceed with the plot. I was really worried that they gonna spoil the characters and spoil the whole story. But, those worries were put to rest as the drama series were really really good. I still remember that I've thought to myself while watching the drama that they got the real Chiaki and the real Nodame for this. Not just those two, almost all the characters played superbly according to the manga. It was that good that makes me feel so good. Hats off I tell ya.

anyway, that was like in 2006/2007. So it's been a while since then...

and now, in 2014, the korean want to make a remake of the manga/japanese drama which called Naeil's Cantabile. When I first read the news, I was like...NO! I mean..... NO! it just NO!....It doesn't make any sense. Why would you want to do a remake of a masterpiece! I just dont get it! I am so against it that I decided to just not care about it. I mean, I'm not going to watch something that going to spoil MY Nodame!!!


Last Friday night, my sis came to my room to work on some props for the Aulad's Convocation and she was so bored while doing that. So she opened up a streaming website and watched the drama. (She has mentioned prior to that time that she watched some of the episode and it was good and funny as hell. But I said, NO! of course). I keep on focusing on finishing up my props so I dont really watched it + I really am stubborn about not watching the drama. But thing is, even if my eyes were not on the screen, my ears can still hear the conversation. And it sound kinda good! plus my sister keep on laughing her ass off. And I ended up stealing several glances while doing my work.

On Sunday, I opened the streaming website. And watched the drama.

*Laugh* (^__^)

It was good...kekekek..Man, they got the right person to play the characters. That's a big relief. And Yoo Jin got long legs similar to Chiaki's(manga) and weirdly I was really happy about that.

So, the drama is still running. But so far, the plot and the stories were good. Not bad..

Monday, November 10, 2014


these past couple of weeks I was soooo busy.

But looking back at those time, it doesn't look that I'm thaatt busy. But seriously, I was so exhausted. Physically and emotionally. Those things will lead to stress. And I really was stressed out those weeks. And my cycle still hasn't come yet....

All due to Aulad's Convocation Day which was held yesterday.

And the event sailed almost smoothly. Alhamdulillah...


let's rest a bit...

before moving on to the next things on the list....

PS: I Lost My MUET result slip TT___TT

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I respect You!!

Girls like to gossip. that's like the norm. Not that I said thay gossip is good, but it's the fact.  most girls like to gossip.

But when talking about others arosed in the gossip, and I saw you make a 'I'm not interested in this conversation' face, I like that.

 It says a lot about you.

Respect is all I feel