Thursday, August 28, 2014

How emotional are you?

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I got the result below.

You are not very emotional
Whether it’s natural self-control or a deliberate decision, you seem detached and don’t often show your emotions. You are alert and self-possessed and you refuse to be blinded by your feelings. However, since expressing our emotions is a way of coping with things, being indifferent is in itself an emotional response. But whatever the reality is, you come across as cold and give the impression that you are withdrawn and isolated from the world around you. You don’t want to seem like a conformist, so you rarely express an opinion, whatever it is, not even if it’s to let people know that you are in a good mood or that you are happy. Because you suppress your emotions you seem blasé. Does that sound familiar? Perhaps you are, in fact, extremely emotional, but unable to show it, keeping your real sensitivity locked away. Or maybe you have tried to remain impervious to everyday emotions to preserve your freedom? You’ve developed a thick skin to protect you from others and you try to be ‘zen’ about things so as not to appear vulnerable. These are the qualities that make you a dominant personality. But living alongside you means to constantly have to decipher how you’re feeling because your moments of joy, happiness, love, resentment, indecision, anger or fear are always tempered by your sang-foid. In 1984, George Orwell portrayed the dangers of a world without emotion. What if you allowed yourself to stop hiding how you felt and allowed your emotions to work in conjunction with the other qualities that you possess?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Now and Then

On January 15th, 2009, I've posted this on my blog.
and now, I repost it to just to see the changes coz a lot have change between now and then...

Nur Syakirin

2 older sisters, 1 annoying - always want to say something that I somemtimes whish I could staple her mouth - younger sister

Still 3 sisters. 2 older and 1 younger

4 super annoying little brothers yg sepatutnye ikut membesar sekali ngan badan derang but instead of growing up to be a good matured man, they turned out to be spoiled little brats!(but they're not little mind you). But I guess I still love them..

4 younger brothers

Shoe size:
4 or 5. depends

4 or 5 (4 for high heels and 5 for sneakers)

Height: I wish! but no, my growth abruptly stopped at 152 and I cant do anything bout the fact!! except accept it.. =____=

in actuality, it's 150

Where do u live:
mana lagi kalo x kat atas bumi..heh, still lagi tinggal bawah perlindungan mak ayah..

hope the plan to live independently can be carry out smoothly

Have u ever been on a plane:


Swam in the ocean:
Penah..tapi tatau la kalo tu boleh dipanggil berenang pasal cara aku berenang, tangan je yg konon2 buat gaya tapi kaki aku cecah lantai..kekekke

yes. For a short while tho

Fallen asleep at school:
time kat sekolah menengah tiap2 hari aku tido kat kelas! kecuali kelas cikgu yg garang2 je aku x brani..ade gak beberape kali kene marah dalam kelas pasal tido. tu kalo cikgu garang, kalo cikgu baik, diorang just soh pergi tandas basuh muke je..dan aku akan lambat2 jalan pasal malas nak masuk kelas..hhehhe..good old days! 

Broken someone's heart:
literally? no..

probably yes

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
noo..(dunno whether that's unfortunate or not)

call no. SMS yes

Saved emails:
important email, of course kene simpan..


What is your room like:
mak ayah aku cakap, bilik aku sebijik macam tongkang pecah..not that I know how tongkang pecah looks like.

sadly, the above state never change

What's right beside u:
my lappie, beg, mouse...kat opis skang ape2 pon x de..


What is the last thing u ate:
sandwich telor..adeh, ni yg terasa lapar ni..

nasi dan lauk-pauk

Ever had...Chicken pox:
penah. time darjah satu. time tengah exam akhir tahun plak tu..free2 je cuti seminggu. tapi yg tak best nye still kene amik ujian..tapi kan weih, satu badan aku gatal gilee beb!

tak penah! aku budak baik..lutut slalu je berdarah tapi x pernah la sampai tahap kene jahit

Broken nose:
broken, tak penah..kalo berdarah tu penah la masa kecik2 dulu

Do u believe in love at first sight:
huh! hanya orang yg gatal je akan jatuh hati pandang pertama. there's just no such thing as love at first sight!!

Like picnics:
hell yeah!!.. dulu tiap2 tahun pergi pantai..skang ni bile dah besar2 jarang plak pergi..ingat lagi the last time picnic ngan kengkawan kat air terjun, beshh gillerr!!

need more picnics please..

Who was/were... The last person u danced with:
I dont dance

hafiy(my nephew)

Get sick:
I'd like to think that I rarely get sick..rarely have fever and I'm really proud that I never faint! and as long as I remember, I only puke once. itu pon sebab mabuk lauk(time aktiviti candat sotong dan aku dapat la tangkap sekor sotong sebelom kejadian muntah bagai tu. free2 je sotong kat laut tu makan muntah aku^^)

for the last 3 years, I get sick at least once for every two months

Miss someone:

Right now, No

Who do u really hate:
hate is a negative feelings and negative things often drained ur energy. so no. I hate no one. at least in my conscious mind..

Sadly, someone..

Do u like your hand-writting:
heh..tak..pasal tulisan aku buruk..dan slalu berubah2 ikut mood. aku pon x paham nape tulisan aku jadi camtu.

yes and no

Are your toe nails painted:
nope. but once in a while I have the urge to paint it. but of course, it just a thought which remains a thought.


Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in:
katil mak ayah aku!hehehhe..cant help it! katil diorang best! and comfy!

Mine and mine only

What color shirt are u wearing now:
blue and white


Are u a friendly person:
nope..I'm a wee bit reserved. kalo orang tak kenal aku maybe ingat aku sombong.heh..

depending on the person involved

Do u have any pets:
ade sekor kucing yg mengangkatkan diri die sendiri jadi pet kat umah aku. dan kitorang sefamily sayang kucing boncit tu^^. we call him Jordan


Do u sleep with the TV on:
ade la skali dua je...


What are u doing right now:
tgh taip mende alah ni laa..


Can u handle the truth: certain time I can. certain time, u just have to give me some times for the fact to sink in. but I'd like to think that I can handle them pretty good.

When the truth were present to me in a nice way, Yes, I can

Are u closer to your mother or father:
hurmm..mak rasanye..but that doesnt mean I love my father any lesser than my mother

I love them both. So not answering this

Do u eat healthy:
define healthy!

yes. At least I've tried

If u're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to:
hurrmm..I usually kept it to myself. 

My own bedroom

Are u loud or quiet most of the time:
depends sape ade kat sekeliling aku. I dont like being loud around someone I barely know

Quiet. or so I think

Are u confident:
yes and no. I hate the feelings of not being confident, but sometimes you just cant be one


5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
10 yrs ago aku baru 14 tahun..ape je yg aku buat time tu.
1) kat sharodz tgh blajar
2) gembira pasal dah form2 pasal kat sharodz, form1 was hell!
3) gembira byk mende kat sekolah dah boleh buat tanpa rasa takut sagt kat senior
4)amik adik angkat^^
5)all in all, I just living my life as a student yg terperangkap kat atas bukit punggur dan menunggu time outing sbb tak tahan nak keluar ke bandar!

1) having blast at MMU
2) That's when I start building friendships with the Pandas
3) Struggled hecks and lots and freaking out with the courses I took. The first year courses really is the hardest of all my entire studies for me. And I am not even exaggerate. Just thinking about Electronis III and C programming makes me want to vomit blood
4) Failed lots of papers and try to cover it from my parents (I didnt do well on my first year TT_TT )
5) Got my first car ^^

5 things that I will do tomorrow:
1) bangun pagi
2)siap2 pergi opis
3)melangok kat opis kire bape jam lagi nak pukul 6
4)mengira detik nak habis internship
5)celebrate kat umah sebb dah habis dah kesengsaraan aku selama 3 bulan!

1)bangun pagi, ready for work
2)fetch up kids from their home and daycare centre to Tadika
4)bring the kids back home/daycare centre

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1) beli seluar jeans! lots of them!!
2)bayar hutang PTPTN
3)bukak bisnes
4)belikan 2 tiket keliling dunia tok mak ngan ayah
5)shopping!! errr...scratch that..simpan duit tu kat bank..

1) Pay bills 
2) Pay PTPTN
3) Perform Hajj
4) give it to Mak and Ayah
5) involved in real estate

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Perth 01 - Touch Down & GO !

First time travel ngan kawan2, rasa excited teramatle sangat. Mak ngan ayah bile dengar aku nk g Perth ngan member, mampu geleng kepala. Nak larang tiket dah beli. Mohon ampun! Anakmu nak lihat dunia..teeheeeeheee...

Jadinye, berlepas naik Air Asia. Tadak check in bag. Sume mende di hangkut masuk naik atas kapal terbang. Limit hand carry 7kg kan? tapi lepas jee..nak jimat punye pasal. Gayah siap buat sandwich lagi utk bekalan kitorang dalam kapal terbang tu. Nampak tak kitorang punyer berkira punye la nak jimat cermat....tapi pon dah naik kapal terbang tu, tak brape nak terasa nak makan sangat. Sebab ngantok. 90% aku tak sedar sebab ZzzzZZZ. Bile tido, perut pon tido gak..

sampai kat Perth dalam 5.30 pagi camtu. nak bagi tau mende penting bile sampai kat Airport Perth tu. Lepas claim beg(ktorang tade nk tunggu beg datang sebab sume hand carry), ade satu pit stop untuk cek beg-beg kot kot ade bawak mende2 yang terlarang. Terutama makanan. Habis semua beg kitorang kene punggah. Ade la dalam 20/15 minit gak makcik officer tuh cek. Kesian kat orang2 blakang kitorang(kami group pertama dalam barisan dan hanya ade satu je counter yang bukak). Ada gak barang kitorang yang kene rampas tak hengat ape tapi makanan la pon (check kat blog tikah-->semua makanan kami lepas, kecuali mushroom soup.. bcoz it contains milk & produced in Malaysia ).

Done cek menge cek..let's GO!!!

Blom boleh lagi....pasal kedai car rental bukak pkol 9 pagi. So kitorang lepak2 je la dulu kat Airport yang lengang tuh..

Muke masing2 dah terlebih dose excited..kikiki..

Bile tade keje buat ape kawang-kawang? POSE!!  itu la keghoje hampir semua minah2 sa-antero-dunia

Agak2 dah masa dah nak time, kitorang pon gerak ke Bayswater car rental naik Taxi. Cost=AUD35

Dah sampai, tapi kedai tak bukak lagi..tunggu je la, nak wat apo loie..SNAP SNAP SNAP..

Kedai bukak, masuk kedai, cakap dah book, isi borang, swipe CC, orang kedai tunjuk kete, kasi kunci, drive.....tau tak first time nak drive kete sewa ni, perasaan die tersangatlah nervous. Sebab kete sewa. Thank god perasaan tu hanya untuk beberapa minit je, sebab lepas tu dah lek dah. Dah jadi Da Boss dah..Guess who's the driver? Me!! And I loved it! Coz I got to control things...
Da Bomb - Toyota Corolla Hatchback. I Freakin Love it!
The scenery along the way

1st destination: Lake Clifton, Mandurah. nak tengok thrombolites a.k.a Living Rocks

Inilah batunye yg semakin lama semakin membesar..

2nd destination: Bunbury for lunch.

Pusing2 town ni nak cari port nak makan. Skali nampak beach, pastu siap ade kawasan picnic lagi kat beach tu. Kerusi+meja+air sume siap lah! Emmmmmm...sampai sekarang masih lagi terbayang2 keadaan die. serious fefeeling sangat de best best best. Makan makanan yg diimport dan siap boleh terus makan dari Malaysia sambil ditiup angin sepoi2 bahasa(sepoi sangat sampai nak terbang tudung ngan makanan, gigi pon terketap2 dek sejuk kek angin sepoi tuh). of my fondest memories during the travel

Makan sudah, kitorang terus ke tepi pantai..Perghh...indahnye ciptaan Allah!!Subhanallah.

gerak ke 3rd destination! tapi on the way nak keluar town Bunbury, sekali kene tahan Polis trafik. Banyak gak ar kete2 depan kene tahan ke tepi jalan. Cuak sehh..aku budak baik, mana pernah kene tahan2 ngan polis nih(bluek). Benti kat bahu jalan, jantung dup dap dup dap..isk, tak sampai separuh hari kot kat Perth ni, jangan buat hal sudah. Officer datang je kat kete, terus tanya "Did I do something wrong?" officer-->"owh..just a randomn test"...huh..? test kemende..? skali die soh aku blow kuat2 kat tiub putih sampai die kata stop. Paru2 tak berapa nak kuat gamaknye sebab die blom kate stop lagi aku dah takde angin nak hembus kasi keluar..and I passed the test! okay, mungkin aku tak sepatutnye kate mende ni, tapi aku serius excited buat alcohol test tu okey! And I still got that white tube with me!!

3rd destination: Busselton Jetty : "the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere, stretching almost 2 km" bak kate tikah

serius panjang woooo...serius kagum woooo...

kat hujung jetty tu ade Underwater Observatory=Entry AUD11 per pax.
Underwater Observatory+return train journey=AUD29.50/pax
Jalan2 di jetty=jalan kaki, sila bayar AUD2.50/pax

kebetulan time tu cam tade orang jaga kat gate. So kitorang pon main masuk je. FOC. kikikiki..tak gi sampai ke hujung pon. Sampai suku jetty sudeyh. Penat woo..Manyak lagi perjalanan kitorang nih!

4rth destination: Margaret River untuk:-
a) The Margaret River Chocolate Co.
b) Bettenay's

The Margaret River Chocolate Co. tu kilang cokelat. Ya Allah!! rambang weih mata tengok manyak nau cokelat. Amik tu gi taste test, amik ni gi taste test. Beli tak jugak..mengetest rasa je..kekekek..

Pastu gi Bettenay's. Orang tu jual wine. hahahah..nape gi tempat wine ek? entah le. tapi ya Allah, view die...umph umph umph..

5th destination: Augusta for Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and check in Lodging.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. "kami sampai lebih kurang 4.40pm.. since dah nak tutup sangat2, En. Penjual ticket tu bagi discount, pay only for 2 pax. kalau tak kena bayar in total AUD5x4=AUD20, dah jimat AUD10 kat situ" <----quote dari="" p="" tikah="">
hujan renyai2..sejuk...tapi bestnye Ya Allah tak dapat nk cerite..Okay, kat Cape Leeuwin ni, kitorang dapat tengok pertembungan diantara Indian ocean dengan Southern Ocean. Ya Allah! Subhanallah! tersangat sangat sangat indahnye ciptaan Allah!! Aku try amik gambar nak menunjukkan betapa cantiknye pertembungan dua laut ni tapi sayang, skill aku LEMAH!!NOOB punye orang. Time tu rasa marah sebab tak dapat nak amik gambar yg cantik. My picture doesnt do them justice!

Grrr..Geram..last2 give up. Baik aku tangkap gambar gune pale otak aku..Oh perasaan time tu, dengan hujan renyai2nye, dengan ombak besarnye, dengan sejuknye--> GEMBIRA! TENANG!

bergambar sakan dalam tu sampai orang Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse tuh soh balik. Dah kuar gate pon kitorang still lagi bergambar sakan. kikiki..

off to clovelly holiday units untuk bermalam!

So perjalanan di Perth pada hari ini lebih kurang 310KM. Tu tak termasuk pusing2 town ngan kampung2 lagi..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Perth 00 - make it happen!

Nah! lepas je aku buat entry sebelum ni, terus je berusaha ketepikan kura kura gabak tuh. Excited punye pasal. Booster dah kasi minum..


Suatu hari time tengah kerja(time ni masih lagi di HP), dapat satu sms dari sorang member MMU dulu tanya sape nak ikut pergi Aussie. AA tgh promo. Harga 500++ return.

Aku angkat tangan. Dalam hati. Kot aku angkat tangan betul-betul kat tengah-tengah opis tu, mau bos kasi jelingan maut satu das.

Time dok-dok angkat tangan beria nak pergi tu(dalam hati walaupon), otak terpikir gak, ade ke aku ni duit nak ke sana.? Tapi!! timing nak pergi naik flite bersuka-sakan ke sinun ade setahun lagi gap-nye. Mmaka dengan yakinnye send reply kate nak pergi kat member. Ikat perut sudeyh lepas nih. Bawak bekal pergi opis bapak banyak boleh jimat woo!

Selain aku, ade 4 lagi member yang angkat tangan tak termasuk penyampai posto. So, total yang nak pergi ade 6 orang. Wiihuu~

Tapi akhirnye yang betul-betul pergi berjimba hanya 4 orang.Jer. Weii~

Dalam beberapa minggu/sebulan/ dua bulan sebelum tarikh berlepas, Gayah ajak meeting. Plan itinerary ke Perth nanti. Dalam hati aku cam agak pelik bile Gayah ajak. Nape plak nak plan plan itinerary bagai nih? Tak paham aku!! Kalo main terjah je takleh ke? Agak bongok jugak la kalo dipikir-pikir kan balik.Ceh. Tak payah kome nak geleng2 kepale sangat. Bio le si hingusan dolu2 tu , budak noob baru blajar nak gi travel macam gini le atenye...

Dalam meeting, Gayah je yang bentangkan kertas kerja die. kitorang yang lagi 3 orang ni hanya angguk-angguk kepala setuju je semua ape yang Gayah cadangkan. Pergh. Time tu kagum dengan Gayah. Berwibawa!

Dalam beberapa minggu sebelum nak gerak, aku tolong-tolong gak la Gayah settlekan mende-mende lain. Jenis hati cepat kesian kalo tengok Gayah je yang buat keghoje. Ceh. Macam bagus. Padahal excited. Dan padahal nak jugak chip in jadi deciding factor. Keh...So, tugas yang aku sendiri pandai-pandai lantik nak buat;-

1)book accommodations (AUD63/person)
   - clovelly holiday units= AUD120/night (2 bedrooms) @ Augusta
   - Cervantes Lodge(4-Bed Dormitory Room)= AUD33/person @ Cervantes
2)book kereta sewa (AUD53/person)
   - Bayswater car rental= AUD 212/4 days (where my love for Corolla Hatchback begin)

Tang Visa Cik Gayah berwibawa kite yang handle. Go Gayah!!

Nah aku tempel itinerary kalo ade yang berminat. Walaupon cam dah lapuk giler kan...

Jadi, sume dah solosai, moh le kite gerak ke Perth

Depart from Malaysia: 1st October 2011, 11.40pm hari Sabtu 
Depart from Perth: 9th October 2011 hari Ahad

Go Go Go..!!

this and that


lamanye tak tulis kat blog ni!!!
idea nak tulis banyak
cumenye tinggal dok diam diam bersarang dalam pale otak je la
dah rasa cam pergerakan kure kure je data data CPU otak nak transfer kat sini
patut kene tambah bandwidth
atau kasi booster kat kure kure tu soh cepat jalan

kesian kura kura kene ejek

Dalam sebulan dua ni dok pikir nak cite ke tak nak pasal trip ke Perth 3 tahun lepas.
admit dah tak relavent punye info plus atikah pong da cite kat blog die(penyebab kedua tak tulis trip Perth tu 3 tahun dulu time info data masih fresh out from the oven. Penyebab utamanye = kura kura gabak dok buat roadblock)...
tapinye rasa cam sayang sebab trip Perth tu banyak meninggalkan kenangan. Sangat2..



nak cite gak ah nanti

nanti nanti

nanti nanti nanti

but first kene bawak cik kura kura dok tepi jalan. Tamo hadang hadang dah..