Friday, March 6, 2015


The heart

is really mysterious

I don't even understand my own

more now than ever

it keeps on hovering on that day

that moment

of 21st September


Monday, February 23, 2015

Too old for boy band. . . . . . or is it?

These days....

I'm really into One Direction. Not the boy band itself (I'm feeling too old for that), but seriously, their songs are good. Really am enjoying it..

That makes me thinking....

And reminiscing

of the boybands of my generation

And I still remember of goo goo gaa gaa -ing over them.

They are da bomb back then  *sigh*

BACKSTREET BOYS: My school friends introduce them to me. This is when I was standard 5/6. During the 'As Long As You Love Me' period...Oh man! we even made fan fictions about them (It was fun though)



PS:  that dude is hot *grin*

Monday, February 16, 2015

There are things that you should absolutely stay away from!

I still bought manga during my UNI years. So, one day I bought one set of Paradise Kiss manga(vol 1-4) from Kinokuniya(I stumbled upon those mangas and they kinda beg me to buy them so I ended up owning it  :P).

Anyway...the story line of that manga was about fashion. And the main female character ended up having a really cute short hair fringe. Like picture below:-

See! the hair fringe is cute right??

So, this one fine evening, my sister ask me to cut her hair.

And I gladly accept it thinking that my skills were good enough. *smug*. How hard can it be? you just cut the hair !

So...scissors out, hair ready, the cutting begins...

And ......

I kinda have a little tiny bit problem...nothing big. Just that I kinda never got the balance right. The hair always ended up having one side shorter. And when I cut the long side to balance it, the shorter side became the long idea why....

After cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting, and more cutting........and I kinda give up trying...

My sister ended up having a short hair ~. Like short short hair...

Then, I kinda remembered this Paradise Kiss character with it's cute fringe. So hey, I can make my sister look cute!

Let's do that! Let's make her look cute!!

So I cut the front hair insisting that it will look much much much better

Snap Snap Snap.....Done!!!


She really did look cute . . . . . . . . . . . .

reminds me a bit like Abu Bakar Ellah's style. Tempurung kelapa style~  short at the back, Short infront

That night, I cried hard...because I kept on laughing.
I think my sister was having tearless cry....because of her hair....

PS: I'm laughing the whole time writing this post. Remembering her freaking hilarious hair!! what a jewel to my memories :))

Friday, February 13, 2015

Japan Ikimashou !!!!!

Last January my lifelong dream was fulfilled!

I went to Japan!!!!


I've been freaking wanting to go there like really really really want to go there since like forever!!!

Must be because of those anime I've watched on my childhood days. And might be the mangas I've spent my pocket money on during those teen years. Or could have been all those dramas and movies that I've watched on my Uni days...


I just have a thought.....

looking back, all those pocket money my mom gave me so that I could eat at school and all those duit raya.....I saved them so I could buy those manga...


I just realized! if I calculate it, it could accumulate up to RM500!! maybe more!   I really really bought lots of them!! sailormoon, Doraemon, Juara bola Keranjang, Johan bola sepak, Kindaichi, Detective Q...just to name a few. And those are all sets or manga which I bought monthly for years.....

aw..dont be so shock! I bought them gradually. I think the earliest manga that I bought might be when I was 9 years old. And early 20s was my last(I think)..

man~ I really do love manga...

Anyway....bought Air Asia's promotion ticket February last year. My mom, Imah and me. Travel period, January this year..

and, Uni friends asked me to join them for a trip to Korea....

oh man~I have no choice but to save up my salary last year. The whole year! Satu tahun ikat perut! Barely shopping! barely do something that use money. Barely eat out. Barely paid PTPTN(still paid though)...

I'm stingy as hell. Like Stingy stingy STINGY!!

Well, me living with my family helps a lot coz I dont have to spent on food or house bills what so ever(terima kasih mak ayah sebab kasi anak mu makan dan minum). Plus, the income I get from picking up students to/fro tadika and their houses helps me paying all those monthly bills. So, I kinda had the chance to save up. Albeit for one WHOLE FREAKING YEAR. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit...

So, I went to Korea last September...

And January this year, to Japan.

I'm so happy I got the chance to visit Japan like honestly happy happy happy!!

I've wrote my journey on different blog(new blog that was meant for travel only but that still remains to be seen. But for now, it is a travel blog!)..

Feel free to read it!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Now and Then

Dah seminggu sesi persekolahan tahun 2015 bermula.

Dah seminggu juga aku start ngajar balik

Dah seminggu jugak voice volume on high level

Masuk je hari Jumaat, tekak sakit. Matahari pulak mencanak teriknye.

Tadi browse account IG. browse punye browse, ternampak satu gambar; nasi lemak dok bersusun kat kantin sekolah. Terus otak melayang2 time dolu-dolu..

kalo sekarang nasi lemak berapa ye? kalo tak silap time aku kecik2 dulu(dalam 1992-1997) nasi lemak sepinggan dalam 50 sen. ke kurang lagi? tak hengat plak. Yang aku ingat, mak pagi2 mesti susun duit syiling kat atas meja untuk kami adik beradik. Seringgit dua puluh sen. Enam puluh sen untuk sekolah pagi, enam puluh sen untuk sekolah petang. Air, bawak sendiri.

So, fevret aku, setiap hari mesti pekena nasi lemak. Sampai sekarang masih lagi teringat sambal nasi lemak kantin sekolah agama Jais(B.B.B). Mantap!

Tapi tu dulu.

Boleh la nak bekalkan anak2 RM1.20 . Sekarang? nasi lemak je dah RM1.00